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The world of yachting is truly stunning, with countless styles of amazing vessels for all purposes available to aspiring yachtsmen.

But making an effective yacht purchase or sale can be very demanding, considering the vast array of vessels out there along with their respective numerous specifications and features. This indicates that dealing with yachts absolutely requires expert knowledge and professional experience. And that’s exactly where Buyboat comes in!

About Buyboat

Accomplishing 40 years of professional
experience in the yachting industry

We built our relationships based on trust and transparency

We represent a diverse portfolio that consists of everything from small rib boats to large luxurious giga yachts, constructed and designed by world-class brands.

Using professional and personal discretion, here at Buyboat we have built our relationships with our clients based on trust and transparency, a deep understanding of their needs, and at all times ensuring they will benefit from the competitive deals that we execute. Combined with our strong network in the global market these have been the driving forces behind our 40 years of success.